Riquelme reveals he likes to copy Griezmann’s homework.

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Rodrigo Riquelme, who joined Girona on loan last season has revealed. He has France forward Antoine Griezmann as his role football model.

Atletico Madrid forward Rodrigo Riquelme the 23 year old has revealed that. He sees Antoine Griezmann as a role model for working tirelessly and playing with great form in the Champions League. The latest season, according to a report from ‘Diario As’ on Friday.

Riquelme returns to the Cibitas Metropolitano Once again after moving to Girona on loan last season. The 23-year-old revealed he used to look up to Griezmann as both a football and fashion model. When asked if he considers himself capable of being a back-up for the French forward.UFABET 

‘Being back up for Griezmann is difficult. He is the best player in La Liga, for me he is a role model to follow. I even grew my hair long because he kept it like that. But why not? I’m not afraid of anything.’ said Riquelme.

However, Riquelme’s future is unclear at the moment. Even if he does a good job. But without his natural placement in Atletico Madrid’s current line-up, the 23-year-old usually plays either on the wing or behind the striker. But those positions belong to Griezmann. And coach Diego Simeone prefers wing-backs over wings.