Pedro Porro points out that playing spur is like a dream.

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Pedro Porro the right-back of Tottenham Hotspur drops sweet words that playing in the English Premier League. As a Golden Spur chicken is like a dream come true that he does not want to wake up. From now on, looking forward to Training Camp 2023 to work with the new head coach Ange Postecoglu.

Pedro Porro joined Tottenham from Sporting Lisbon in January for €45 million and made 17 appearances. Scoring three goals and providing three assists considered to be beautiful. 

Of course, according to the opinion of the Spaniard. He can do better for next season. Which will work together since pre-season  UFABET

It was a dream come true for a long time. Because the previous time was only named as a Manchester City player, but never debuted in the big set. 

“Coming to play for Spurs is a big step. Personally, I’ve been fighting all my life. And getting through to this point is really important.” Opening the mouth through ‘Diario Oil’

“I admit that I don’t want to wake up from this dream. Without a doubt, even if it’s not the first But the English Premier League is one of the best leagues in the world.”

“To be able to ride on this stage every day. For me, it is a gift of perseverance that has working hard ever since I was little in my hometown. 

In the new season, Porro will compete with Emerson Royal mainly while Jed Spence will probably be forced out.