Blackjack card.

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For those players who are completely new to blackjack card. There is something very important to remember: You can take the blackjack strategy chart to the table in case. You need a reminder of the best blackjack card to play in any given situation bets.


Hit and stand are the two options that a player has once they start the blackjack game. The hit instruction is a request to the dealer for an extra card. And it is indicated by tapping the table on a shoe game. Or scratching the table with your cards on a handheld game. Players can hit on any number as long as they don’t bust. A bust is when their hand or the dealer’s hand goes over 21. The player is allowed to hit at any time, except after a bust UFABET 

Note: the dealer MUST hit if his hand shows less than 17. The player can hit at any time.


The option to stand means that you do not wish to receive any further cards. For example, if the first two cards dealt to the player total 19. He may well decide that no further cards are required. In a physical casino, if the player waves their hand horizontally it is a request to stay. Thereby ending their turn. Playing online, simply click the ‘Stand’ or ‘Stay’ button.

Note: the dealer MUST stand if his hand shows between 17 and 21. The player can stand at any time.


If the two cards dealt to the player are a pair. Then the player gets the chance to split the cards into two standard hands. This strategy is strongly recommended when the player gets a pair of aces or eights. Because there is a better chance of getting good hand when splitting those cards. Check the strategy chart below to see other examples of when splitting your hand is a good idea.