Ancelotti hopes to lead Madrid to their first championship this season.

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Carlo Ancelotti hopes to lead Real Madrid to their first title of the football season ahead of their clash with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday.

Carlo Ancelotti is preparing to lead Real Madrid to face Atletico Madrid in the first semi-final of the Supercopa de Espanyol. Which the Italian trainer Aiming to lead ‘Los Blancos’ to win this championship. According to a report from ‘Diario AS’ last Tuesday ทางเข้า UFABET

‘Before I start I would like to recall two people who have left us in recent days: one is Zagallo and the other is Beckenbauer. Both of them left a lot of good things behind. And I want to remember it.’

Ancelotti said.

Real Madrid suffered their first and only defeat on the Liga stage this season against Atletico Madrid. When asked if he wanted to lead Real Madrid to clear the eyes of the Atletico team on Wednesday. The Italian trainer replied: ‘We’re really looking forward to this game. And we want to fight for the title. The match against Atletico will be a close and competitive game.’

‘The last game we played against Atletico really damaged us. And I think we can improve our version and beat them.’

When asked whether Kepa Arrizabalaga or Andrej Lunin would play in goal in the game against Atletico Madrid. Ancelotti replied: ‘Will Kepa or Lunin play in the game? tomorrow But I don’t want to talk today.’

Real Madrid also has a schedule to face Atletico Madrid on the Copa del Rey Round of 16 stage as well. This means that the two clubs will compete in three Madrid derbies in just one month. Because there is a queue to play on the Liga stage in early February as well.

‘The race calendar is what it is. We face Atletico Madrid and we have to play. Personally, I don’t like meeting this team. But they had the same idea. The fans are sure to enjoy it.’