Habits and Behavior that office workers should change.

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Office workers almost have to work 24 hours a day, whether it’s working from home or on site. There will be many behaviors. That often causes health problems, both physical and mental. which is the solution to problems that will occur in the future. Let’s try to change our habits and behavior. So that there will be less impact.

1. Office workers who like to sleep late

Office workers who work hard, sleep late, wake up early, don’t have enough time to sleep. You should adjust your rest urgently. Because not getting enough rest causes your attention span to decrease. And it also damages your health. If you really can’t take it, taking a nap during your lunch break for 10-15 minutes. And then waking up to wash your face can make your body refreshed and increase your concentration UFABET

2. Office workers who do not eat on time

Eating food at different times Can cause stomach disease. Including various causes, including eating food in too much of a hurry Eating too much or too little food. It causes our stomach to not work properly. Until it can cause stomach disease as well. So you should change your eating habits. Choose to eat meals on time and in sufficient quantities for what your body should receive.

3. Office workers who like to sit and work in the wrong position.

Many people experience pain in their shoulders and back. This is because of sitting in the wrong position and for a long period of time. This causes fatigue in working, sometimes without realizing it. Causing suffering in daily life Certain sitting positions can cause bone curvature. And some postures cause muscle tightness and eventually pain. We call these symptoms “office syndrome.” The solution is that every 20 minutes you should look away from the computer, and every 1 hour you should do some stretching and exercise while working in front of a desk. It’s also good.