Exercises that reduce the risk of dementia.

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People who regularly exercise vigorously. Such as exercising or playing sports. There is a 35% reduction in the risk of dementia. The following exercise reduce dementia : It’s a good option that you should incorporate into your daily routine. and regular daily activities within the home. Such as cleaning the house and sweeping can reduce the risk by up to 21%.

  1. Walking or brisk walking : It is a simple and easy exercise. Suitable for all ages UFABET 
  2. Cycling : helps exercise many muscles, especially leg, hip, and heart muscles.
  3. Swimming : It is a cardio exercise that helps strengthen the muscles of the entire body. without impacting the joints
  4. Running : helps burn calories well. Strengthens the cardiovascular system But you should choose the speed and distance that are appropriate for your physical condition.
  5. Cardio : such as an elliptical machine indoor cycling machine Helps to exercise conveniently. Easy to control intensity
  6. Circuit training : This is an exercise that alternates between different exercises. Using a short time Suitable for those who want to increase strength and endurance.

Caution : Before starting to exercise, you should consult your doctor. Especially those with chronic diseases. And you should start gradually, gradually increasing the duration and intensity of your exercise. Choose the style that suits your physical condition. And you should stretch your body after every exercise.